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Imagine if.. Cirque Du Soleil, Tommy the Rock Opera, Hamilton, Burningman, and the Matrix had a baby

This is a tale of hope for all humanity that has the power to delight, empower and ignite the passions of millions of people.


One of History’s Greatest MysteriesTook Place in the 21st Century!

The cyber opera is created by a mission-driven, creative collective of Bitcoiners, artists, writers, performers, musicians, filmmakers, creators, and visionaries who seek to share the magic of Bitcoin and its origin story with the world through state-of-the-art interactive, mind-blowing live experiences:

Nobody knows who created one of the most revolutionary technologies ever invented.

  • Was it a man, a woman, or a group of people?

  • What kind of experience and intelligence did it take to create it?

  • Why was it created at all?

  • And why under such mysterious circumstances?


Orange-Pill 21 Million Bitcoiners

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