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Submit Your Art and Music  

Please take time to understand the story concept and let your imagination run WILD with concepts and ideas for the first submission. 

Keeping in mind the target audience will be transformational music festivals, concerts, and conferences

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Hero's Journey Plot Overview


1. Illusion -

The protagonist (PT) is walking to work, his head down, as the dark gloomy world around him is crumbling. He sees a child blowing a dandelion to the wind and a flock of starlings forming shapes in the sky, but he turns away from them in fear and shame.  As he’s working at his gloomy desk. He pulls out a notebook with a little glow of orange [the MacGuffin] that resonates with hope and shines against the gloom. He hides it when the boss comes by. The boss takes away a stack of his files from the desk. He follows the boss and sees him disappear behind a secret curtain. As he pulls the curtain back - he observes his work being used for evil, to steal through inflation, debt, money falling from the sky, and people excited by it but not understanding they’re losing out as the money buys less. 


2. Everybody Pays: 

PT recognizes his gifts are being perverted, but he does not see a way out. He raises concerns but his bosses tell him “Everybody Pays – some pay with their time, some pay with their money, some pay with their lives, some pay with their freedom” and that this is the way things are. The protagonist is gradually becoming entangled in the arms of The Kraken. Over time, PT climbs the ladder of the agency only to do more harm to the world. His work haunts him. He is depressed and loathes what he does. Occasionally, he continues to write in his notebook. It remains a secret from others. The equations he writes are incomplete and he does not know how to finish them – there are big question marks and questions he writes in it, like “How to prevent corruption? How to keep going forever? etc...  We see he is confronted with a dilemma: abandon his genius and go on strike, or stay and continue to see his genius used for evil. 


3. What Have I Become? 

He’s asked to do something that crosses a boundary for him. It pushes him to ask “What have I become?” and as a result he retreats to his cabin in the woods to think. He’s writing in his orange notebook in front of a campfire, where we again see his equations are unfinished. Working late, he begins to doze off and enter an altered state of mind, staring into a campfire at night, he slumps into a trance. The fire grows to become his dream.


4. The Vision

The fire envelops PT in an embrace. He sees a woman in the fire and has a shamanic journey of a return to innocence.

 He sees each of the nature motifs: dandelions, starlings, celestial bodies/the sun, and sacred geometry. The joy and free-thinking he was holding back is now fully realized. A woman appears in his dream. She is a warrior goddess of fire and rainbow colors. She tells him he can in fact use his genius for good - to create the truth machine. He is filled with inspiration and hope and the dream winds down and he awakens to find himself again in the physical world, awoken by a woman who matches the one in his dream who has seen him slumped by the fire and is concerned for his well-being.



5. That Just Might Work / It Has To be You

Shocked to see the same woman, he decides to trust her, and shows the designs in his secret orange notebook/briefcase as they walk through nature. They work together to figure out what’s missing. He brings math, she brings nature and effortlessness ("That just might work!"), and they bring it to completion. The completed equations form a bright orange flame. The two celebrate the amazing achievement and realization of his dream – An Invention that Can Fix the World by snatching money from the hands of the corrupt agencies which control it. They need to share it with the world, but he realizes that his past will make it impossible for him to be the one to release. He looks to her and says   "It has to be you" because nobody would ever suspect her - she takes the “torch” (which the notebook has now become) and dons a rainbow cloak and takes on the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto.


6. Cypherpunks

We meet the cypherpunks - metaphorically displayed as a presentation to wise warriors from all over the world. The heroine (Satoshi) shows them the fire she and PT created. The Cypherpunks embrace the tool – Bitcoin. They are enamored with it.  But they also start arguing, building tension around “who’s the leader.” Satoshi used her flame to light their spears.

 They bring the knowledge of the fire to others/inspiring others.


7. The Kraken

The flame of Bitcoin has been created, but The Kraken has caught wind of it and wants to snuff out the fire.

Bitcoin is at risk of being attacked by (for example) the CIA.  PT is scrambling to improve and fortify the code. The Heroine is sharing it. The Kraken’s arms creep in from the edges to corrupt it, the original flame. The Kraken is in search of the leader. Cypherpunks are in an epic fight with the Kraken which is trying to get at the original flame. They stab at it with their orange fiery lances. PT and the Heroine watch.


8.  Moment of Truth (The Crucible)

PT and the heroine realize if they stick around they’ll either be caught or end up recreating the old system.  They have to abandon it in order to give it life. Discussion between him and her:  “What should we do?” They have to move on. They format the disk containing everything that gives them the power to change the system and be Satoshi.

9. The Legendary Treasure

As the Kraken nearly reaches the torch, Satoshi (the heroine) blows it out and it spreads into millions of flaming dandelion seeds each with their own light around the world. Sacrificing power, fame, fortune to create a monument whose message is that good can overcome evil, that we can build incorruptible things if we don’t let ourselves become corrupted, that there are things that matter more than money, power, or fame, and more…The kraken shrinks away from the spreading light in fear. PT and the heroine sail off into the sunset. Monument in background.




10. Tik Tok Next Block 

With its creators gone, Bitcoin spreads, nodes are coming online. The dandelion seeds connect the world together.

"Have you heard about Bitcoin?" grows the chorus into many voices and the grey drab crowd turns orange. The movement is growing; powerful scene, have to be vigilant, imitators emerge. - At the end one person on stage - half orange, half drab, having their epiphany.


11. Slave No More: 

Tug of War- personal struggle, choose freedom and responsibility, or the slavery of a system that exploits that controls them.  We see it embodied in the struggle of the pleb left on stage in the previous number:

  • Pleb is physically being pulled by people on both sides - one representing freedom, the other representing slavery

  • Initially physically expresses uncertainty; poor posture, but grows confident as he moves forward

  • When he considers going back into old world, his lights dims, but gets stronger when he moves forward

  • Engage with the audience: “what should I do?”

  • Experiences the phoenix rising in his heart as he is moving forward


12. We Are All Satoshi: 

A song celebrating the gift of Satoshi, involving hope, freedom, self-determination, and children's joy.

#forthekids, screen faces of audience, unite - 7 generations 

Kids Choir, Reestablishment of the wonderful world, segments of beauty, “Bitcoin is Generational Wealth” vibes, Imagine a world with war no more, The gift of peace, We will Carry on

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